Fran Theresa

My previous experiences of group fitness were not the best. I hadn't trained for years and always felt out of my depth in other classes. Working with the trainers from The Outdoor Squad was instantly comfortable and I found their style encouraging and always within my capability. I found myself sticking with regular classes for the first time in almost a decade and I feel not only physically better but mentally I have more stamina and energy. Their knowledge and understanding about my individual strengths and weaknesses means that I am always improving even in a class environment. The training has also filtered down into my eating since they're ready to answer any questions I have about food to work with my training.

Chris Walters

I am a keen footballer (soccer) and have been for years but as I got older I found I was unable to play the way I wanted to with the same speed or agility. The Outdoor Squad trainers have worked with me to help me improve my game. We began with the basics working on my physical fitness, strength and weight and I found myself turning my game around in a season. I am now able to run faster and longer than most other guys my age and that is because I have mixed up my football with the different cardio, weight and strength training. It also helps that my trainer is as mad about football as I am so I always need to make sure I've got wins to report when in class.

Stephanie Grace

Having trained with Nick for nearly a year I've found that one of the greatest things he brings to training is his ability to foster team work and a fantastic group mentality. He does this with a little humour, a little encouragement and a lot of motivation. Nick provides participants with the ability to really get involved with the program and with each other, making it an enjoyable environment to work out in, often taking the drudgery that is involved with a regular solo work out. The sessions are varied, keeping it interesting and exciting and giving you many options that relate to your overall workout goals. The diversity of the equipment used, such as skipping ropes, kettle-bells, dumbbells and medicine balls keeps your body guessing and whilst a session might exhaust you, it also leaves you with a feeling of real accomplishment. I highly recommend Nick he'll make you sweat - but I promised you'll enjoy it.

Glen Scott

In terms of my fitness life, teaming up with Nick Holland is the best decision I have ever made by far.

I am in my mid-forties and have rarely been fitter - and I put that down wholly to Nick and his approach. He is a great communicator, he commands respect rather than demands it, he is thorough in his preparation and vitally, he makes exercise heaps of fun. You are punished enough to get great results, but not to lose your enthusiasm to keep turning up. There is an art to this.

I love that your whole body is targeted over the course of a week, so you are stronger all-round and in ways an indoor gym can't match when you gravitate to favoured exercises training by yourself. And you meet lots of top people in the group while you're at it.

I honestly could not recommend Nick more. He has been a game-changer for me.

David Lester-Smith

After almost twenty-five years as a variably-enthusiastic gym member I was bored, unfulfilled and felt I was wasting my time and money. Then one Saturday morning I spotted the Outdoor Squad in the park opposite my house. Was this the answer? Six months later the answer is a resounding, 'yes!'

So what is the difference? I enjoy exercising outdoors, meeting new people, having fun (mostly!) and truly feeling that I am achieving my goals: weight loss, fitter, increased energy and a sense of community and not to forget a few memorable social events.

And I must give Nick Holland, personal trainer the praise he deserves. He is inspirational, hard-working, committed, inventive, organised and honest.

Ready for a change? Come and join us. You won't regret it. I certainly haven't.

Lillian Lowie 

Really love training with Outdoor Squad Redfern. It's the only exercise regime I've been able to commit to - and I've tried a lot. The difference is a passionate trainer, a great group of people to train with and the variety of training. It's fun but it's also a tough work out!


* Individual results may vary and results may not be permanent without continued dedication to exercise and good nutrition.

But that's what we're here for!