Training Programs

Some of the many types of programs we run to get you moving




Improve your heart and lung fitness with our high intensity interval training using circuits, sprints, relays, intervals, speed and agility drills, hill and stair training, battleropes, medicine balls and bodyweight. This class is bound to get your heart pumping!



Learn the punching and kicking techniques that shred professional boxers and kickboxers. You’ll get fighting fit with our non-contact cardio-resistance program that incorporates MMAXFIT. Your heart rate will soar as you combine punching combos with bodyweight conditioning to improve your overall toning.



Get strong and toned as our resistance training creates lean muscle tissue to sculpt some shape and improve your functional strength. Using a range of functional fitness strength tools such as powerbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX suspension systems, bodyweight, medicine balls, slam balls, dead balls and more. We also include TACFIT training.



Declared “the world’s smartest workout” by Men's Health magazine. TACFIT is a high intensity strength and conditioning program with functional fitness tools used by special forces operatives around the world. A recovery-based progressive strength and fitness system that has proven popular with civilians who want a smart, quick, effective training. The TACFIT tagline is embodied by its founder Scott Sonnon – a five time World Martial Arts Champion: “To be more prepared than the challenges you face.”



A unique and addictive full-body workout that features the high intensity striking and conditioning drills of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). You’ll get MMAXFit as you punch, hammer, kick, elbow and knee the shield, mixed with fun bodyweight exercises to improve your overall movement and toning. MMAXFIT was developed by a K1 Kickboxer and MMA champion, and is non contact, non combative and suitable for anyone.


We LOVE to use various events around the fine city of Sydney as a way of giving our training purpose. Event Training gives you a senses of achievement and helps maintain your motivation as we work towards a goal.


If you’re a bit freaked out about running, or think you’re not the muddy type, fear not!

All of our event programs are tailored to beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. We’ll work out where you are on the fitness spectrum and provide the appropriate program for your level.

And if you’re already advanced, then you’ll love our programs that are designed to improve your overall strength and speed to ready you for a personal best.

Our goal is to get you moving both in the physically and in your skill level to make sure you are achieving the results you want.


Training for that big event with a like-minded group is great fun. It keeps you honest and involved and you get the added benefit of sharing the experience with your squad members. Sound hokey? Trust us. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get it.

Specialising in two key styles of event training: runs and obstacle course races. These are complete training programs that prepare you to ensure that you peak for the date of your chosen event.

A combinations of strength, conditioning and techniques will keep you injury free during preparations. You’ll have the legs, core and upper body and mental strength required to not just complete an event, but to own it. 




It’s not the longest run, but it’s the top dog by far! City2Surf, is an amazing experience with more than 70,000 competitors

Runners of various levels make their way from the Sydney Town Hall to Bondi Beach. Make it a serious run or a just for fun. 

Run Squad training starts in May each year, and our run training program is the most up to date programming used by the most advanced coaching institutes worldwide.



SMH Half Marathon run squad training starts in February, with  training programs TO CHALLENGE ALL LEVELS. EVEN THE COUCH POTATO!

Once you’ve done the training for either City2Surf or the SMH Half Marathon, you can confidently tackle the other fun runs around Sydney with ease, including the Neon Run, Mother’s Day Classic, Rebel Run Sydney, Colour Run, Sutherland2Surf, and various Sydney Running Festival Events throughout the year. 



If you’re looking a challenge of a different kind, obstacle course racing might become your new religion. It’s that addictive!

Think of when you were a kid; climbing, swinging, jumping, crawling, running. Add mud and water. Add picturesque natural sceneries. With a fuller appreciation of how much fun it is to use the body for play, yet achieve some new goals in the process. The events we train for include Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, True Grit, Raw Challenge and The Stampede.