The Case for Outdoor Fitness

The Outdoor Squad Redfern Camperdown

The fitness industry is ever evolving. That’s one of the things that make it so exciting. Just like our bodies grow, adapt, and progress, the fitness industry likewise is constantly discovering new ways to give us that endorphin rush, launch us towards a new personal record, or just give us a time away from the hustle and bustle of life to focus on ourselves and our wellness for a bit. Outdoor fitness is one of the most unique and game changing developments to grace the fitness world over the past couple years, and if you’re keeping up with the fitness world at all its likely got you asking: What is it exactly, and why should I care?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

               Outdoor fitness is not just a new fad to hype up for a few months and then bury right next to the Shake Weight. Instead, it’s a whole new mindset you get to bring to your fitness approach that generally centers around 3 pillars: a new context, alternative progression, and community. Let’s break them down!


               The first thing you should know is outdoor fitness breaks the bubble. Most of our lives are lived in these isolated bubbles. We have our work bubble, a house bubble, and then these weird peculiar ones in between like the grocery store and the doctor’s office. The traditional gym has also, unfortunately, become a bubble that all too easily becomes a stale errand we check off on our to-do list.

               Outdoor fitness launches us out of the traditional category we isolate our personal health to, and instead of resigning yourself within the four walls of a gym you get to better yourself it in the environment around you. Instead of isolating ourselves, we get to connect with our surroundings and open our eyes to the larger world we’re immersed in daily. It doesn’t matter if it’s the mountains, the suburb park, or urban streets, outdoor fitness moves against isolation and immerses us into our greater context. 


               Another aspect we get to take a different approach to with outdoor fitness is progression! While outdoor fitness often involves a variety of programs, exercises, and formats, the key component is YOU! Equipment is generally Simple and could range anywhere from a simple kettlebell to just a low hanging tree branch. You are the one who drives the results whether its strength training or weight loss. 

               Outdoor fitness doesn’t over complicate things with a thousand different machines. You simply leverage your body and current fitness levels to get results. The best part is, it doesn’t matter what your goals are. Virtually any results you desired in the gym, you’ll find you can also achieve and surpass in the outdoors!


               The real value of Outdoor Fitness is that it is naturally communal. It generally molds itself into various likeminded groups like trail running clubs, riding clubs and boot camp programs. You don’t have to confine yourself to a gym where everyone is blasting music into their ears and ignoring each other. Outdoor fitness has a communal element that is often missing in the fitness world. The only thing better than the thrill of pushing yourself to your limits and reaching your goals, is doing it with other hardcore, like-minded individuals who aren’t willing to let you slack off either. 


               The alternative context, progression, and communal element of outdoor fitness are just the beginning of the mindset behind the lifestyle of outdoor fitness. From boot camp programs to obstacle course races, the world of outdoor fitness is diverse with something to offer anyone.

               Stay tuned as we continue to unpack the details and wide world of outdoor fitness and boot camps, and in the meantime get fit and get outside with The Outdoor Squad boot camp!