Care for a tea darling??

I’m not one for magic potions but there are a few tried & tested goodies out there. Chamomile tea has a lovely taste. It is one of the most popular herbal solutions for your body, which dates from a time when you could put a curse on a foe. It is one of the most beneficial things for your body. Not only is it a curative but it also boosts your immune system to the completely new level.

Chamomile grows in moderate climate conditions. It blooms in June and July. There are many species, but the most known ones are German chamomile and Roman chamomile. This lovely plant contains flavonoids, terpenoids, monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, and mucilages. The plant was used in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome (back in curse friendly times). It was used for better skin quality, wound healing, urine, and digestive tract issues and many other things.

Chamomile Tea – Benefits And Science

 Chamomile has been a popular plant for humanity throughout the history. One warning! Please use this plant with caution if you have pollen or ragweed allergy! In any other case, go for it! It is one of the healthiest plants on the planet! Here are lovely benefits of chamomile tea with its scientific research conformations:

·        Digestive tract savior – everybody who has had any kind of flu, stomach issues, or cramps, should stick to chamomile tea. It will make this harsh pain go away. It contains many anti-inflammatory components that reduce cramps. Believe it or not, it can also treat infantile colic. And infants can take it without consequences, think of its lovely benefits for an adult man!

·        Improves the quality of the sleep – many of us are nervous. Everyday stress is the worst life-shortener. It is even more dangerous than nicotine and some drugs. Yet, chamomile tea affects the quality of your sleep positively. Take a look at this Taiwanese sleep study (a nice uptight culture). According to it, women who gave birth to a child recently improved their sleeping quality. It improves your mood. It can be used as a cure for the depression. It is your recipe for the bright future!

·        Reduces anxiety – people who are constantly under stress or tension will start becoming anxious as the time goes by. In today’s fast paced society many people only go to work and then come home to sleep. You need something to calm down, and chamomile tea sounds like a world-class match.

·        Reduces menstrual pain – Yup it help with the reduction of period pain. Period eh eh eh. This study confirmed chamomile tea has a positive effect on it.

·        Cancer prevention – we were talking about its positive effects, hows about cancer? Cancer is the most dangerous disease today. Chamomile tea protects your cells from cancerous mutations and free radicals. Its flowers contain apigenin. This substance is by itself an amazing fighter versus the most difficult types of cancer. This study from 2015 confirmed that chamomile tea decreases the risk of thyroid cancer by 40-70%!

·        Positive influence on skin and hair – throughout the history, this lovely tea was used for many medical conditions. It treated rashes, ulcers, hemorrhoids (ouch)… Even wounds were healed with chamomile tea. This tea is an outstanding herbal cocktail that leads to better hydration. It also improves the quality of your skin. And chamomile tea reduces the risk of skin cancer! In the era when many people stick to the solarium and look for the ways to look prettier, chamomile tea keeps you healthy!

·        It helps diabetics – your athlete can be a diabetic and train on regular basis. If s/he knows how to control their nutrition, there won’t be any problems during the training session. Yet, s/he always needs something to improve major markers of blood sugar control. That is the exact thing chamomile tea does. It is also great for cardiovascular problems. Chamomile tea fights versus diabetes very effectively!


The preparation has never been easier. In the first place, boil a cup of water. Remove it from the heat. Then simply steep chamomile flowers for 4-6 minutes. One tea bag is enough. Enjoy drinking your tea. You can also add ginger for better effect.

Final Word

Chamomile tea is one of the healthiest things that can enter into your body. Where else will you find a plant with such a huge number of benefits? Don’t hesitate, buy this tea today and watch your body healing and regenerating faster!