Beat the Heat

Did you know you can help your body fight heat easier? If somebody offers you a hot drink, you'll probably snap. But stop doing this! Hot drinks aren't harmful to your health! Actually, this is an outstanding way to cool down your body. Read on to discover the ultimate secrets! 

Water - Your Ultimate Friend 

Proper hydration is the key. If you live in moderate climate conditions, you will need approximately 2.4L of water to operate normally. Yet, the amount of water required grows with the increase in air temperature, humidity, and physical activity.

Sweating is the first line of defense that cools internal heat down. Water evaporates off your skin, cooling you in the process. But you need to drink it regularly to reduce your core temperature.

Drinks And Food - Beating The Heat! 

Drinking extra 5-8 glasses of water could be a real nightmare, right? Well, we offer you some alternative solutions to cool the internal heat down:

·        Fresh juice - stick to the low-sugar fruits. Lemon, mandarin, lime, avocado, and pomegranate sound like a great choice. Unfortunately, the last one is very difficult to peel.

·        Mix water with herbs and fruits. Remember, everybody loves something. Add your favorite plant here.

·        Sports drinks - you need to replenish your electrolytes and glucose. Buy some or make it on your own! Remember though that they contain calories…

·        Stick to the food that hydrates your body. Yeah, this is an old trick. People even did this in ancient Rome! 

Hydrating Food 

Many people don't think on a hot day and grab the first thing that comes into their hand. But stop doing this! There are good and bad foods! Let us introduce you to the hydrating foods that cool the internal heat down.

The answer is - fruits and vegetables! Most of them comprise at least 80% of water!

Watermelon is 98% water. It is one of the great solution - it is also rich in vitamins C and K. Melon is a similar story. It also has beta-carotene, which protects the skin and enables safer sun exposure like a pro! Strawberries aren't a caloric fruit. But are full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C. And the water content is high! Grape have an extra feature - it is rich in resveratrol. For those who don't know, this is an antioxidant which helps in cancer prevention!


Cucumber and zucchini may not be the most flavorsome choices. Yet, both veggies contain over 95% water, alongside essential nutrients and fibers. Lettuce is a vitamin bomb! It is rich in water & easy to blend. An unavoidable part of the most popular summer salads! But capsicum is the best! Yeah, you think it isn't tasty. But this plant is the richest in vitamin C! Combine it with the high amount of beta-carotene and you'll get a perfect plant for the summer day!


Warm Drink - Excellent Choice On A Hot Day! 

A warm cup of vegetable soup sounds like an insanity? You are wrong! The answer is hidden in sweating! When you sweat, the water evaporates from your body and it cools down!

Warm drinks trigger sweating. Cayenne pepper and a cup of morning tea are also a great choice on a hot day, think on that! 

Harmful Foods 

You may think cold foods are good for your body on a sunny day? Actually, this is a big mistake! Ice-cream is full of refined sugar and it will increase your core temperature. An ice-cold drink is a short-term solution. It helps with hydration. Yet, the overall cooling effect will be poor as agin it will increase your core temperature.


Stay away from deep-fried foods at all costs! They are full of sodium that disables thermoregulation. Also, the content of trans-fats is too high. Same thing for sweets! High-protein meals are generally good but not on a hot day! You need water and more energy to digest protein. You will end up thirsty and tired since more energy will be used on cooling! 

Final Word 

Hopefully you've learned some useful information on how to cool internal heat down naturally. People will probably laugh when you take a cup of tea on a sunny day, but they know nothing the weak minded fools!