Secrets Of Phlegm... Fighting Foods – How to Reduce Mucus Naturally

Phlegm-Fighting Food – Top 7 List 

There are many natural ways to prevent phlegm and maintain your respiratory organs health.


It is one of the most recommended foods. You won’t believe how effective honey can be against respiratory infections. There is evidence honey cures children’s cough better than drugs! The proper consumption of honey leads to a better quality of sleep and less coughing during the night. This is a world-class therapy for people of any age. Yet, it contains a high amount of sugar. So please, take honey moderately. Also raw uncooked honey is the one for you!




It is one of the healthiest plants in the world. Everybody knows garlic can prevent cancer and provide numerous health benefits. But when it comes to coughing, it is one of your best allies.


Garlic is used to treat inflammation of the airways and coughing since the golden age of Greece. You can read this study for more info about its health effects. A great way to treat a cold! Traditional people knew what they were doing!



Lemon has a sour taste but it is heavily loaded with vitamin C, which is critical to boosting your immunity. During a cold or infection, the number of your leukocytes increases. Breathing issues are common occurance. But look on the bright side – citric acid fights phlegm like a seagull loves a chip! Lemon also alkalizes your body. It means your body will have a better defensive system against viruses and bacteria.



Have you ever heard oldies saying you should eat spicy food to help prevent colds? My grandparents were actually big fans of onions. Raw & eating them whole.

Yeah, onions will put hairs on your chest , but it will also force your mucus and phlegm out of your body! Here is the ultimate secret – this wonderful plant contains quercetin! It is a fantastic ingredient that leads to reduced production of mucus. It also cleans your airways with style.


Ginger is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is also a great antioxidant and one of the healthiest plants in the Earth. If you consume this magic plant on a regular basis, your airways might be cleaner than Catholic priests Sunday. Mucus will be history!

Ginger has a positive effect on your immunity. It is a great natural way to prevent or treat colds. And a perfect recipe for healthy respiratory organs!

Olive Oil

Olive is full of unsaturated fats. This plant is also a great source of oleuropein. This amazing substance efficiently battles inflammation in the human body. The primary function of this plant is related to preventing the overproduction of mucus.

Virgin olive oil has some great anti-phlegm benefits under its belt. But don’t consume too much of it, please. Add it into a salad. Or use it for cooking – it is definitively a lot better than animal grease. Do you know that every 20th person uses olive instead of sunflower oil? Be the exception.


Oh, at least one sweet plant on this list! Pineapple is an amazing tropical fruit with many outstanding features.

Phlegm is very sensitive to its bioflavonoid called bromelain. It fights mucus by breaking its protein down! It will also raise your immunity to the next level and be your world-class ally versus inflammation. And lastly but definitely not leastly it has some fringe benefits for the fellas…