Fran Theresa

My previous experiences of group fitness were not the best. I hadn't trained for years and always felt out of my depth in other classes.

Working with the trainers from The Outdoor Squad was instantly comfortable and I found their style encouraging and always within my capability. I found myself sticking with regular classes for the first time in almost a decade and I feel not only physically better but mentally I have more stamina and energy.

Their knowledge and understanding about my individual strengths and weaknesses means that I am always improving even in a class environment. The training has also filtered down into my eating since they're ready to answer any questions I have about food to work with my training.

Chris Walters

I am a keen footballer (soccer) and have been for years but as I got older I found I was unable to play the way I wanted to with the same speed or agility. The Outdoor Squad trainers have worked with me to help me improve my game.

We began with the basics working on my physical fitness, strength and weight and I found myself turning my game around in a season. I am now able to run faster and longer than most other guys my age and that is because I have mixed up my football with the different cardio, weight and strength training. It also helps that Nick and the other trainers are as mad about football as I am so I always need to make sure I've got wins to report when in class.

Stephanie Grace

Having trained with Nick for nearly a year I've found that one of the greatest things he brings to training is his ability to foster team work and a fantastic group mentality. He does this with a little humour, a little encouragement and a lot of motivation.

Nick provides participants with the ability to really get involved with the program and with each other, making it an enjoyable environment to work out in, often taking the drudgery that is involved with a regular solo work out. The sessions are varied, keeping it interesting and exciting and giving you many options that relate to your overall workout goals.

The diversity of the equipment used, such as skipping ropes, kettle-bells, dumbbells and medicine balls keeps your body guessing and whilst a session might exhaust you, it also leaves you with a feeling of real accomplishment. I highly recommend Nick he'll make you sweat - but I promised you'll enjoy it.

Glen Scott

In terms of my fitness life, teaming up with Nick Holland is the best decision I have ever made by far.

I am in my mid-forties and have rarely been fitter - and I put that down wholly to Nick and his approach. He is a great communicator, he commands respect rather than demands it, he is thorough in his preparation and vitally, he makes exercise heaps of fun. You are punished enough to get great results, but not to lose your enthusiasm to keep turning up. There is an art to this.

I love that your whole body is targeted over the course of a week, so you are stronger all-round and in ways an indoor gym can't match when you gravitate to favoured exercises training by yourself. And you meet lots of top people in the group while you're at it.

I honestly could not recommend Nick more. He has been a game-changer for me.

David Lester-Smith

After almost twenty-five years as a variably-enthusiastic gym member I was bored, unfulfilled and felt I was wasting my time and money. Then one Saturday morning I spotted the Outdoor Squad in the park opposite my house. Was this the answer? Six months later the answer is a resounding, 'yes!'

So what is the difference? I enjoy exercising outdoors, meeting new people, having fun (mostly!) and truly feeling that I am achieving my goals: weight loss, fitter, increased energy and a sense of community and not to forget a few memorable social events.

And I must give Nick Holland, personal trainer the praise he deserves. He is inspirational, hard-working, committed, inventive, organised and honest.

Ready for a change? Come and join us. You won't regret it. I certainly haven't.

Lillian Lowie 

Really love training with Outdoor Squad Redfern. It's the only exercise regime I've been able to commit to - and I've tried a lot. The difference is a passionate trainer, a great group of people to train with and the variety of training. It's fun but it's also a tough work out!

Rosanna Burnley 

I have been training with outdoor squad for about 2 months now (maybe longer). I have to be honest… I hate exercise and I hate 6am starts but I mostly hate feeling unfit! So following a LOT of persuasion by my housemate I agreed to sign up for the free trial for 2 weeks, mainly because it was free but most of all to shut her up.

I’m not going to say I suddenly fell in love with exercise following my first class but what I will say is I did enjoy it and I am now paying for it (which if you knew how much I hate exercise, you’d know how much of a big deal this is!). I have pretty much tried most the classes and I have not been disappointed by any. The classes are all varied and structured.

For someone who doesn’t know how to use the gym equipment and is not easily motivated to find out, this is a great way of keeping fit and learning how to get into shape properly. The classes also cater for all fitness levels and the instructors are good at pushing you to do better (but not in a scary way!). The classes are challenging but also fun, the instructors have a good sense of humour and everyone feels included and encouraged.

They are great at showing you how to do the exercises properly and making sure you actually get something out of the session. The timings of the classes mean you can fit them in around work and other commitments and I have also found Nick to be very flexible.

Nick is dedicated to his work and will always offer additional advice and tips as and when needed. Being new to Sydney I have also found boot camp a good place to meet new people and a good way to fill my time. Since going I have found I feel fitter, more energised and it has actually encouraged me to exercise more regularly.

If you are wanting a way to keep fit, lose weight or feel healthier I would definitely recommend giving it a go, you will be welcomed, you will have fun and above anything you’ll learn to be less miserable in the mornings or following work.

Tim Brownfoot

I've been training with Nick and the Outdoor Squad - Inner West for 2.5 years now. Nick is a great trainer, with an awesome energy that makes you want to push yourself, and not want to hate him!

I train between 2-3 times a week, and can honestly say it feels like I've never done the same class twice, Nick has a way of writing a schedule that keeps every week fresh and interesting

If you're based in Camperdown or the surrounding suburbs, you should definitely check it out

Samantha Kraus

I love outdoor training, especially in a group :) I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise, but when I'm in a group scenario with a great bunch of people it makes it so much easier to push myself! Nick is a great trainer as well, definitely recommend the outdoor squad to anyone living in the area.

Melanie Wise

Being a newcomer to The Outdoor Squad – I simply cannot get enough! In my 10+ years of going to the gym & getting stuck in the monotony of a rather bland gym routine, the classes are an absolute godsend. They’re tough, always varied, challenging, friendly & super fun. Nick is the best of the best – he’s always monitoring the group & correcting form but does it in an uplifting, effortless way. The time fly’s by with Nick’s endless humour & being outdoors really refreshes the soul. Highly recommended :)

Anthony Portolesi

Nick and his team are professional and awesome at what they do! They will push you to limits you would never think you would ever be able to go. They will encourage you and never let you give up! The people who train there are very welcoming and encouraging as well.

Al Freeman

I've been coming to the Redfern Park group for several months, I was averaging about two sessions a week and really wanted to build this up. Everyone i have met has been amazingly friendly and positive.
Nick really encouraged me to attend more frequently with regular contact, text messages and his witty humour. I'm now attending 4-5 sessions a week and seeing improvements in my fitness every day, unfortunately there is no change in Nicks humour :)

Heather Marano

Training with The Outdoor Squad Inner West is fantastic. Exercising outside is truly the best way to exercise and the range of activities always keep it interesting. You always know you're getting a good high intensity workout. It's not difficult to remain committed as the workouts while hard, are always fun and not intimidating. Nick keeps you honest by getting on your case if you're having a bad attendance week. Out of all types of exercise this is the one I've stuck with the longest. Can't recommend The Outdoor Squad Inner West enough!

Benjamin Funnell

I used to think I was too busy wrangling our kids or would be too tired to fit in a regular organised fitness regime after work a few times a week, but my experience since joining the outdoor squad has been the complete opposite. I have more energy, am feeling fit and strangely I seem to have more time to get things done than before. Being outdoors and more engaged with the local community is great - and Nick is pretty good for film and Netflix recommendations too. I highly recommend the Outdoor Squad to all.

Chelsea Wise

I'm yet to find a set-up in Germany or Australia that rivals the quality, variety, equipment & humor of Nick's Camperdown classes. Nick has a huge storage facility ensuring that we have all equipment for beginners to advanced, with the bonus of a covered facility too, meaning we can train outdoor and still remain dry when it rains. Really awesome classes, results, and the location is hard to beat for a coffee after training!

Ralf Wilden

I have trained with Nick for a few years now. I am in a better shape, have less back problems and enjoy doing sports outdoors rather than in a gym. I decided to join Nick's squad as he has all equipment, including Dumbbells and kettle bells, which many outdoor camps do not provide. That way the classes are always different. Most importantly, Nick was very understanding and helpful when I had to come back from a knee reconstruction caused by playing soccer; he provided me with alternative exercises whenever I was not able to do what the rest of the squad was doing. Thus, I can only recommend joining his classes.

Karen Westfield

About 10 months ago I started training with Nick and after years of switching from one exercise plan to another I finally feel like I've found something I enjoy and will keep at. The sessions are fun, varied, and Nick's sense of humour, Dad jokes and Crom references make the hour fly by. I highly recommend The Outdoor Squad for people of all ages and fitness levels, male, female, young or old. Training outdoors 3/4 times a week has done wonders for both my physical and mental health. Thanks Nick �

Will Clark

Heaps of variety - every session is different. Nick & the guys cater to all fitness levels. I'm on the 12 week challenge and already seeing results in my fitness.

Alison Gill

Laughter always works to get 100 mountain climbers out of me. 
‘Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good’ (Curb Your Enthusiasm)… was one of the first words of encouragement I heard coming from Nick. He has many such lines from the TV back catalogue to keep us motivated. Think Larry David mixed with Crom!

Glen N Pamela Scott

In terms of my fitness life, teaming up with Nick Holland is the best decision I have ever made by far.

I am in my mid-forties and have rarely been fitter - and I put that down wholly to Nick and his approach. He is a great communicator, he commands respect rather than demands it, he is thorough in his preparation and vitally, he makes exercise heaps of fun. You are punished enough to get great results, but not to lose your enthusiasm to keep turning up. There is an art to this.

I love that your whole body is targeted over the course of a week, so you are stronger all-round and in ways an indoor gym can't match when you gravitate to favoured exercises training by yourself. And you meet lots of top people in the group while you're at it.

I honestly could not recommend Nick more. He has been a game-changer for me.

Kt Harris

My partner and I have been training with Nick and his team for around 18 months. We really enjoy the sessions and there is so much variety from week to week. Nick encourages and motivates us and we have definitely improved our fitness levels. Classes are good fun and a great way to meet and train with a variety of people.

Madison Leigh

Good fun, a variety of different exercises, never boring, challenging and tailored to different fitness levels. You're encouraged to commit and improve as the trainers see you as a team member not just another consumer. A great place to make friends and build confidence. My family and friends have noticed the changes in my body and fitness level! Definitely recommend.

Hannah Sarah

I've been coming to this boot camp for a few months now and highly recommend it! The trainers, Nick and Eike, are always making the sessions fun, different and challenging. The other boot-campers are all really supportive - it's a great environment to work out in and has fast become part of my routine.

Lauren Johnson

Highly recommend the Outdoor Squad. The classes are challenging, varied and fun and will push you. It’s great to exercise outside with some fantastic and funny trainers.

CLaudia Campbell

I never thought I'd enjoy outdoor training until my sister in law roped me into trialling it with her. That was about 6 months ago and I still love it. There is a variety of class styles and every workout is different and you gain a sense of achievement.

I'm in far better shape than I ever have been and Nick keeps the motivation up to keep going and stay on track. I also love the additional (optional) workout/health challenges and the sense of community.....highly recommend it!

Will Souter

The Outdoor Squad is by far the best way to get fit if you have a busy life and are looking for something that is intense, regular and reliable. Nick has the unique personality required for this job - when you live your life in 30 second increments, you need a sense of humour and intelligence to keep getting up in the morning and motivating people to work hard!

Nick is the only thing that stands between me and middle-aged massiveness, so I appreciate his low level but persistent text-encouragement when I've dropped the ball and missed some sessions. Get on board!

Isabel Brears

With the large variety of classes each week, the friendly & motivating trainers and mostly, the fun group atmosphere, The Outdoor Squad is definitely a better option than any gym I've been to. The classes are constantly different and cater to those who want a serious challenge, those who just want to maintain fitness, or anyone that just wants to get a bit active outside - everyone can get something out of it.

Good job Nick!

Voltron John Hannah

After going to the gym for a year, I wasn't yielding any results, but as soon as I started boot camp with nick that all changed! My fitness went through the roof, lost a bunch of weight and I was pushing myself harder than I thought I could in a thoroughly satisfying way.

Nick is a man of all seasons and has the unique ability to crack enough lame jokes that even while hyperventilating you still laugh your ass off. Boot camp with Nick is tremendous fun, and he has made all the difference to my self confidence. Highly recommended!!

Simon Blackburn

Nick as a PT, has been around the block for years, so he definitely knows his stuff! Anyone living in the inner west would do well to join The Outdoor Squad for smashing your fitness goals. He even rivals my dad jokes... Almost...

Connie Neighbour

Nick has a knack for devising workouts that make me sweat, but don't leave me feeling beaten or tired for the rest of the day. I'm not huge on exercise, but I go to his sessions. Occasionally I even laugh at some of his jokes, which I think he'd be pretty happy about.

It's always a jolly morning/evening workout with positive vibes, and that's pretty impressive for 6.15 in the morning!

Shannon LEA

Before starting with the outdoor squad, I haven't been able to stick to many fitness things for long because I often find it gets monotonous and boring.
Nick and his team at the outdoor squad give you challenging workouts that change every day which keeps it interesting.
The team environment they have created is really fun, and motivates you to challenge yourself and making you want to keep coming back. 
I've always kept pretty active and fit but now I am definitely the fittest I've been in my life.
Plus I actually love being able to work out outdoors.

Definitely highly recommend to anyone wanting to get fit and find a workout that you will actually want to stick to

samantha wallace

Absolutely loving my training sessions at Camperdown. I'm a personal trainer but needed to be pushed by another trainer ��� we all need a push from time to time. 
It's a great mix of strength based training and boxing techniques which I'm really enjoying. 
And always great music to help stay motivated on those early mornings. 
Thanks guys!

lisa merry

I have struggled away alone for years with exercise, either swimming or gymming, and had lately failed to do much of either. These classes are great, and are the first form of exercise I've tried in ages that I've stuck with. I've been going for 4-5 months now, and I'm toning up and feel noticably stronger, fitter and more active. The classes are fun, social (in a not too intense way), and it's great to be outside. I attend morning sessions, and there are 5 days I can choose from. Nick has what he calls a corny sense of humour, but he also has a unique ability to gently and humorously chastise you if you are ever slacking off!

Lucy catherine

Difficulty staying motivated? Sick of the gym?

I guarantee you this training is well worth getting out of bed for and will leave you feeling great. The group exercise classes are a lot of fun but to be honest I love the boxing. It is refreshing having an array of classes to pick and choose from. Nick is always very encouraging, yet knows how to push you that little bit further. I look forward to keeping up that New Years Resolution! Thanks Nick!

phil king

I've been exercising solo for years and decided I needed to change up from my usual running regime, so tagged along to Outdoor Squad with my partner. I enjoy the excellent work-outs, well matched to the range of abilities within the class, and the variety means no two sessions are ever the same. Better than going to a gym - even when it's hot I'd rather be outdoors - and it's a nice, sociable group. Shame Nick's a Liverpool supporter, but you can't have everything!

cassie smith

Highly recommend the Outdoor Squad! It’s great training outside and there are a variety of classes with cardio, strength and boxing sessions available. The timetable is also convenient as there are a lot of classes throughout the week. Nick is great at keeping everyone accountable and motivated!

francoise corvila

A great start to the morning or evening, the classes at the outdoor squad gets you energised and moving in an awesome team environment. Nick and the team are fabulous, friendly and helpful trainers, giving you an all body workout with a wide range of equipment to challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals. I am so happy with how far I’ve come, feeling fitter and stronger each week, give it a try!!

amy leanfore

I come for the jokes �. Nah seriously, this is the perfect bootcamp. Nick is a great experienced trainer that maintains a varied program and keeps it interesting. There’s nothing better than an outdoor workout to kickstart the day, and an awesome friendly bunch to work out with to boot! 

emily frost

The Outdoor Squad is the best. Five stars for the trainers and timetable. The time passes quickly as there’s so much variety. I joined for the HIIT classes but now a major boxing fan. Nick and the trainers take the time to explain the moves and are very entertaining to boot.

alex scott

The Outdoor Squad is a great way to get fit and stay fit. The classes are varied (and hard!), so you won't get bored doing the same old workout week in and week out. Nick is a great trainer who can find each person's individual limit and push them to it with the right amount of encouragement. The classes always have a friendly and supportive environment.

jared pearce

Highly recommend the Outdoor Squad - Inner West! Each and every session is different from the last and always a bit of fun which keeps everyone highly motivated. There is plenty of variety with cardio, strength training and boxing sessions available throughout the week. Nick is an experienced trainer who will keep you honest as well - no slacking off here! Leaving the gym to join The Outdoor Squad was the best move!

jade thomas

After half arsed attempts of going to the gym this bootcamp has made me love exercise again! Every session is different keeping you engaged with great trainers who want you to achieve your personal fitness goals. They also have a sense of humour which helps with the 6am starts.

* Individual results may vary and results may not be permanent without continued dedication to exercise and good nutrition.

But that's what we're here for!